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Touring Our Center

Tours are available for people only, so please leave your dog at home. No appointment is needed, but sometimes a tour is canceled. It is always best to check before coming. Email to confirm a tour is happening.

  • Tours only happen at the following time: Sundays at 4pm (non-holiday weekends)

About Our Center

Metro Dog is a Certified Green Business in Contra Costa County, and the only certified animal care center in Contra Costa County. We are serious about reducing our paw print on the planet.

  • Filtered water, fresh air circulated by enormous fans, and radiant heating to warm the center with the highest energy-efficiency rating available.

  • Our potty clean up mixture is a non-toxic, biodegradable cleanser with antiviral and antibacterial agents, plus an enzyme-based deodorizer.

  • Sustainable products: compostable bowls, towels, poop bags, and cleansers. Toys, leashes, and collars are made from recycled materials wherever possible.

  • We compost food waste! We are a part of the City of Richmond’s pilot restaurant food scraps program. We keep leftovers out of the landfill and turn them into soil in the City’s pilot municipal waste program.

  • Rent a play yard! We have a large (temperature controlled) indoor room for dog groups meet-ups or parties. Email to ask about availability.

Additional Services

Metro Café

We can serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner, though meals are optional. We recommend you bring your dog’s own food, or select from our House options. When boarding, serving breakfast and dinner is included.

  • Each Meal Service: $3 to feed your provided food

  • House Food: $2 (dry kibble, canned wet)

  • Snack Time: $5 (raw beef marrow bone or stuffed Kong)

  • Medication: $3 per administration

Metro Spa

We only use the highest quality, organic, nontoxic, hypoallergenic, and cruelty-free products.

  • Brush Out: $15-45

  • Bath: $15-80

  • Nail Trim: $20

  • Nail Trim Training: $25-35

Prices very depending on size and coat of dog and on time and staff required.

Metro Gym

Add another stimulating activity to your dog’s day!

  • 30 Minute Walk: $25

  • 30 Minute Play or TLC session: $25

  • 15 Minute Training: $25 (ask at check-in)

  • Park Adventure Trip: $20 (application required)

Park Adventure Trips are at the discretion of management and require an application, evaluation, and approval. There are many factors that go into our outings. We reserve the right to not take a dog on a particular day.

Metro Dog Programs

Dog Groups

During the Application and Assessment process, we evaluate your dog and place them into one of our Dog Groups - the group they would be most comfortable in. These groups do not interact with each other, though the group your dog is in may change based on their play preference and age.

Active Adult
Medium to large adult dogs who want to play.

Small Dog
5 to 20 lbs adult dogs who want to play.

In between small and medium adult dogs.

Younger than 6 months old.

Old Hound
Enjoys the company but not the rough play.

Special Needs
Any dog that needs special attention, usually medical monitoring.

Learn more about our Day Care or Boarding Programs.

An Average Day

Morning potties. Breakfast is served to boarding dogs and any early day care drop-offs.

We’re open! Check-ins for boarding and day care begin. Boarding dogs get day care included. Come in as early as 6am on your dog’s first night of boarding.

Rotating play group sessions and rest sessions for all dogs. These vary in length depending on the need of the group as determined by the handler. Handlers rotate through seven different play areas and groups to engage the dogs in new activities. Lunch service provided, if requested, between noon and 2pm. Lunch meal service is $3 to feed your provided meal.

Dinner time for boarding dogs! Dinner service is provided for day care dogs, if requested at drop-off. Day care dogs begin going home.

Play time ends at 7pm. Boarding dogs are bed down at 7pm and will be provided personal or house bedding. The last of the day care dogs go home.

Final potties before lights out. You dog is never left alone. We have a devoted overnight staff and you have 24-hour access to your dog.


Our Owners

Metro Dog is owned by co-founder Diane Livoti Perlman and her husband, Todd Perlman. Diane leads the day care and boarding center. She has been a certified canine behavior consultant through the Marin Humane Society since 2002. She ran a successful dog-walking business prior to founding Metro Dog and brings extensive knowledge of off-leash group behavior and management. Todd joined the business in 2010 and runs Metro Dog’s Home Services. Prior to joining the family business, Todd spent 20 years in journalism as a reporter and editor on the East and West coasts.


Our Handlers

Your dog will be cared for by experienced handlers who are trained in dog behavior and safety. Give us a few visits and we will know your dog by name and what they like and don’t like. All day, every day handlers adjust their groups to create the most compatible environment possible. You dog will meet several handlers throughout the day and many dogs have their favorite people!