Sniffing. Why it's Important to Your Dog's Health

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That’s right, I said HEALTH!

If you dog is denied a healthy amount of sniffs, it can lead to unwanted behaviors and anxiety. Liken it too if you were denied the opportunity to laugh. Wouldn’t that affect your mental health?

Take long walks and try new paths. Take you dog to different neighborhoods and dog-friendly trails. Find new dog parks and go out at different times of the day. This can also keep the daily responsibility of walking your dog fun and new for you! A walk is not only to potty or for physical exercise, but it’s vital for a dog’s mental health. So explore with your dog and let them sniff, sniff, sniff!


We all know that a dog’s nose is their most powerful tool. They can learn and discover so much from a scent, so when you’re on your walks, remember to let them sniff. Be patient and don’t yank them away. Your dog is learning and exploring their world. Giving them that chance will contribute to a happy and engaged dog.

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Mental Exercise

Your dog is also deciphering these smells and filling in the world around them. Sniffing is a mental exercise, like problem solving, that is vital to the health of all cognitive beings. I like to think of it like they are cataloging some unending library of smells in their mind, and the more they get the smarter and more balanced they become.

It’s a big, smelly world out there!