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Metro Dog’s Home Services team has 2 decades of experience caring for your pets. Neighborhood walkers (like Vince, above) offer one-on-one walks or play time from the comfort of your home all days of the week. We also provide overnight pet-sitting and house-sitting; vacation visits; and care for cats, reptiles, birds and more. Let us know what we can do for you and your beloved companions.

Neighborhood Walks

Pre-scheduled, occasional, or recurring walks in your neighborhood or drop in visits for your cats, birds, reptiles and more. Not sure if we care for your kind of critter? Just ask!

  • Base rate is $35 for 30 minutes.

  • Rates and discounts vary based on walk length and frequency.

Pet & House Sitting

Overnight Pet Sitting

Our dependable Home Services team will stay overnight with your pet(s) in the comfort of their own home. If you have additional pets, from cats to reptiles, we are happy to care for them too. A complimentary meeting between you and the sitter precedes the service. During the meeting you discuss details and set the time and care expectations. The sitter arrives between 6pm-8pm and does a 30-minute walk with your dog or a play, as determined in your meet and greet. They spend the night and repeat in the morning, leaving between 7am-9am for the day.

  • $75 per night, based on a 6pm-8pm arrival time and a 7am-9am departure time. Details are finalized when service is contracted.

  • $35 per midday visit. A visit is 30 minutes and can be any activity you want for your pet.

  • Rates may be higher depending on the needs of your household.

House Sitting

While caring for your pet(s), we can also help with light house sitting needs. This includes mail collection, house plant watering, and garbage can curbing. Just ask and we’ll do what we can.

In-Home Training

Sometimes a dog’s behavior is best understood in their home setting. A trainer will come to your home and work with you and your dog on the issue you are experiencing. We use positive reinforcement methods.

  • $150 for 90 minutes with three weeks of email support.

  • Price can vary depending on location and need.

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