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Current Clients

Make a day care reservation.

Reservations guarantee your dog’s space. Drop-ins for day care are welcome, space permitting. Must be a current client to reserve.

Day Care Programs

Your dog will be placed into the program best suited for them based on their Assessment.

Social Program
Best for well-socialized dogs who want to play or just enjoy spending their day in the company of other dogs. Social groupings are 6-20 compatible dogs. The dogs are always supervised by a handler when in play. When not in a play yard, your dog will be roomed to rest with friends. They will have a Kuranda cot in one of our suites with friends or be in a crate, depending on each dog’s needs.

Single Social Program
Same as our Social program but these dogs take their rest breaks alone in a suite.

Puppy Program
2-6 months old. Your puppy will interact with other puppies, carefully selected adult dogs, and several handlers. Frequent naps, complimentary lunch service, and a housebreaking schedule helps promote healthy development. Most graduate to the Social Program between 4-6 months based on maturity and social skill development.

Puppies younger than 6 months can attend a Puppy Social with their families.

Private Program
Less-social or special-needs dogs receive a private suite, 1-on-1 handler attention that includes one 30 minute play or walk and three 15 minute play sessions in one of our 7 play yards. Potty breaks are offered every two hours.

Semi Private Program
Dogs that have a foundation of social skills but do not enjoy the company of full playgroups. They can also have handling needs that require special attention. Custom playgroups are crafted around the needs of the semi private dog. Group sizes are smaller, typically 1-4 dogs.

Day Care Hours

Metro Dog is open 24 hours, every day of the year. Our lobby hours are 6am-9pm. After Hours drop off or pick up require a reservation and will be an additional $15, with meal service included feeding your provided meal.

Day Care Rates

Social Single Puppy Semi Private & Private
$46 $55 $50 $70
Half-Day $30 $35 $35 $50

Full-day is five hours or longer, every day of the week.
Half-day is less than five hours, every day of the week.

Day Care Packages
Save 10-27% off regular rates! Valid for full-day day care visits only. Expires 1 year from the date of purchase.

  • Social Packages: Get 10 visits for $405 or 20 visits for $715 or 120 visits for $3,600* (*must qualify)

  • Single Social Packages: Get 10 visits for $495 or 20 visits for $825

  • Puppy Package: Get 10 visits for $450

  • Private Package:Get 10 visits for $575 or 20 visits for $1,075

Metro Dollar Packages
Maximize your money and instantly get bonus credit! These are prepaid packages that must be purchased before checking in for a board. Valid for any service at Metro Dog but cannot be used to purchase Day Care Packages or any other discounted service.

  • Bronze Package: Buy $500 and get $50 bonus credit

  • Silver Package: Buy $1,000 and get $100 bonus credit

  • Gold Package: Buy $1,500 and get $150 bonus credit

  • Platinum Package: Buy $2,000 and get $300 bonus credit

Our Center

Learn more about Our Center and what your dog can expect from their stay at Metro Dog.

Holiday Policies

Please review our 2019/2020 Holiday Policies before your make a Day Care or Boarding reservation during the holidays.