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Current Clients

Request a boarding reservation. Reservations are required for any boarding services.

  • If it has been some time since your dog’s last visit or your stay is going to be a long one, we may require a day of day care to get them reacquainted and make sure they will have a quality experience during their board.

Complete a Boarding Check-In (BCI) Form. Boarding Check-In Form (BCI) is required at check-in.

  • Download now or complete in lobby. This required form is the place to communicate everything we need to know to make your dog’s stay the best it can be.

Boarding Rates

Social Program: $68 per night
Single Room, Social Day Care Program: $80 per night
Puppy Program: $70 per night
Semi Private Program: $100 per night
Private Program: $100 per night
Medical Private Program: $100 per night or TBD

Get a Metro Dollar Package
The most flexible way to maximize your money and instantly get bonus credit. Must be prepaid before start of board. Valid for any service.

  • Bronze Package: Buy $500 and get $50 bonus credit

  • Silver Package: Buy $1,000 and get $100 bonus credit

  • Gold Package: Buy $1,500 and get $150 bonus credit

  • Platinum Package: Buy $2,000 and get $300 bonus credit

Boarding Hours

You have access to your dog at Metro Dog 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

Our lobby hours are 6am-9pm. Boarding check-out is by 10am on the last day. An additional fee is incurred for check-in and check-out outside these hours.

  • We prefer your dog checks in early in the day on the day of your departure so they have time to settle in during the play day and be tired and ready to rest by bedtime.

Boarding Check Out Times

Check-out by 10am on the last day and there is no charge.
Check out by 3pm and a half-day of day care is charged.
Check out between 3pm-9pm and a full-day of day care is charged.

Our Center

Learn about Our Center and what your dog can expect from their stay.

Boarding Programs

Overnight accommodations in our suites coupled with daytime day care activities for all dog breeds with 24 hour on-site supervision. Your dog will be evaluated and placed into the best program for them by our veteran dog behavior staff.

Social Program
Best for well socialized dogs who want to get their play on or just enjoy spending their day in the company of other dogs. Social groupings are 6-20 compatible dogs. The dogs are always supervised by a handler when in play. When not in a play yard, your dog will be roomed for rest time with friends. They will have a Kuranda cot in one of our suites with friends or be in a comfy crate alongside friends, depending your dog’s needs.

Single Social Program
This is the same as our Social Program but these dogs take their rest breaks and bedtime on their own in one of our suites.

Puppy Program
2 to 6 months old. Puppy groups are curated with carefully selected compatible puppies and/or adult dogs. Frequent naps, supervised play with emphasis on shaping appropriate play, complimentary lunch service, crate training, and a housebreaking schedule help promote your puppy’s healthy physical, social and emotional development.

Semi Private Program
Dogs that have a foundation of social skills but do not enjoy the company of our full playgroups or have a handling need that requires extra attention may qualify for our semi private program. Custom playgroups are crafted around the needs of the semi private dog. Group sizes are smaller, typically 1-4 dogs. On any day we do not have the right play friends for your semi private dog they will enjoy enriched activities and play time with our handlers.

Private Program
Less-social or special-needs dogs receive a private suite, 1-on-1 handler attention that includes one 30 minute play or walk and three 15 minute play sessions in one of our 7 play yards. Potty breaks are offered every two hours.

Holiday Policies

Please review our 2019/2020 Holiday Policies before your make a Day Care or Boarding reservation during the holidays.

Boarding Checklist

  • Reservation Required: Request a boarding reservation. You will get a confirmation response via email.

  • Completed BCI & Payment: Download Boarding Check-In (BCI) Form. Required at time of check-in. Print and complete at home or fill out and sign in our lobby. Payment is required at check-in.

  • Dog Food: Provide all food items in ONE flat-bottomed, plastic container that seals. NO BAGS OR GLASS. A Repackaging Fee of $4 may be applied if dog’s food doesn’t meet these standards. Label your container with your dog’s first and last name and serving size per meal in standard measurements (eg: 1/2 cup, 1 cup, 1 1/2 cups per meal). Do not bring personal measuring cups or scoops.

  • Bedding: One item of personal bedding is allowed. It must be labeled with dog’s first and last name. We cannot guarantee the condition or return of any personal items. We will provide house bedding for dogs that don’t have personal bedding.

  • Medications & Supplements: We can administer topical or oral, but no injections or fluids. Medication should be in pharmacy bottles, labeled with dog's first and last name, and with the same instructions as on the BCI Form. DO NOT mix in with dog’s food.

  • Vaccination Requirements: Rabies, DHP, Bordetella, and CIV (canine influenza) must be current. Expect to provide current vaccination paperwork.

  • Do Not Bring: Personal water or food bowls, additional bedding, measuring cups or food scoopers, toys, chews, or crates. (Toys or chews are allowed at the Private Program rate, but can’t be rawhide).

Yes! Food is in ridged sided containers, labeled with dog’s full name and serving sizes.  Pictures of your dog are optional, but really cute!

Yes! Food is in ridged sided containers, labeled with dog’s full name and serving sizes.
Pictures of your dog are optional, but really cute!

Yes! Bedding is labeled with your dog’s full name.

Yes! Bedding is labeled with your dog’s full name.